live in Laguna Beach & see great theatreFor a wonderful afternoon or evening, theater lovers who live in Laguna Beach should check out the mainstage offerings at The Laguna Playhouse. Now through May 26th, Robert Harling’s play Steel Magnolias will be showing most afternoons and evenings. You won’t want to miss this production of the tale of five strong women, as they navigate life’s greatest joys and sorrows with wit and vinegar

Make it a girls night out or take your mother for a Mother’s Day treat and enjoy this play which celebrates and explores the ways that women provide strength for each other. It’s a great show so close to your Laguna Beach home

Next up on The Laguna Playhouse’s mainstage is Mona Golabek’s The Pianist of Willesden Lane. The show will run from May 29th through June 9th. Theater and music afficianados who live in Laguna Beach should plan to attend this strong story of Lisa Jura, a young Jewish pianist living in Vienna, whose dream of playing at the Musikverein Concert Hall is put in jeopardy by the rise of Nazi power. Golabek’s true family story is performed with love and beautiful live piano music. Don’t miss this powerful play!

To purchase tickets and to read more about both plays, please visit the Laguna Playhouse online.