Live in Laguna Beach & dine out?Sometimes you get in a restaurant rut.  Even if you live in Laguna Beach, with scores of wonderful eateries, you end up at the same two or three every time you go out. You know there are all sorts of culinary adventures waiting for you. But it can be a bit daunting to know where to go and what to choose

If you’re in a restaurant rut or you’re new to the area, Flavors of Laguna is for you.  It’s a wonderful food tasting and historical tour of Laguna Beach, with special emphasis on “The Village.”  The walking tour takes between three and a half and four hours.  People who live in Laguna Beach and those just in for a vacation will love this tour.  Flavors of Laguna prides itself on researching the restaurants on the tour and putting together a unique gastronomic experience

Be a tourist in your own town and explore the great restaurants that are a true perk for those with homes in Laguna Beach.  Flavors of Laguna organizes several tours every month.  Click here to register for the tour on Saturday, October 19th.  Tickets for adults are $55 and $20 for children 7 to 12.  Children under 7 are free.  Click here to visit the main Flavors of Laguna website and find more tours.