Live in Laguna Beach watch the sunsetSo many amazing artists work and live in Laguna Beach. The natural surroundings of this town are set to inspire!

Have you seen the bold and deeply emotional work of Lisa Caprelli? Her abstract impressionist images are complex and inspiring. You can see her work at her site. Several original pieces and limited edition prints are for sale. Her subtle, colorful art would be a beautiful addition to any Laguna Beach home

If you’d like to meet Lisa Caprelli, sign up to attend her private art party tonight, June 6th from 6 to 9 p.m. The event is free and includes cheese and wine pairings at Monique’s Boutique, a designer consignment shop on Pacific Coast Highway. Sign up at the eventbrite site and watch Lisa’s fun ‘viral’ video! Why shouldn’t one compelling piece of art take the world by storm?

At this great evening of fine art, delicious food, and high fashion, you'll have a great time. You might even come back to your Laguna Beach home with a new piece of artwork to hang in your home. Or maybe you'ff find a beautiful and daring designer handbag, gown, or marvelous pair of shoes to add to another collection in your Laguna Beach home.