If you didn't know about the global bee crisis, you may want to take advantage of a documentary screening near your Laguna Beach home next week. You'll find yourself more informed and inspired upon viewing an enlightening film that reminds us how important it is to develop a world culture that is in balance with nature's own rhythms. On March 4th, a special screening of the film Queen of the Sun will take place live in Laguna Beach at the Laguna Art Museum

As part of the Laguna Beach Film Society's 2012 Winter Documentary Series, Earth's Sustainability In Film: Reality and Awareness, this unique documentary gives an alternative look at the global bee crisis by taking us on a journey through the dramatic disappearance of bees and the mystery-laden world of the beehive. While following colorful, independent, determined beekeepers from all around the globe, we learn how they keep bees in natural and holistic ways. This film will engage your mind and uplift your spirit as it weaves an unusual and dramatic story of the heartfelt struggles of beekeepers, scientists, and philosophers from around the world. Through their toils, the problems and solutions in renewing our balanced relationship with the natural environment are revealed.