If you own a luxury home in Laguna Beach, you know that peace of mind is priceless.  While we live in a very safe community, it is still important to take precautions to safeguard your investment.  Home security systems have advanced considerably in the last few years and provide the ultimate protection for your property and your family.  Here’s what you need to know about home security.

Automate Your Safety

One of the most significant trends in home security systems has been the ability to control your system remotely.  Many well-known security providers now offer home automation as part of a well-rounded security package.  These advancements allow homeowners to access their systems through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, and give the ability to control everything from the lights, shutters and locks to the arming and disarming of the whole system.  This trend is a perfect solution for those luxury homeowners who travel frequently or who just want to have that extra layer of protection and control.

Sophisticated Technology That Recognizes Residents

Taking it a step further, there are some security systems that are controlled with fingerprint scans so that only those authorized to use the system can access it.  Many also offer systems that come installed with voice and facial recognition software.  Want to disorient any would-be intruders?  Consider installing a smoke machine that is designed to release fog or even a noxious gas that can disable them for up to 24 hours.  There are also blasters available that shoot pepper spray from ceilings and walls.

Secret Passages and Panic Rooms

If you want to take home protection all the way, why not create secret passageways, camouflaged doors or even a panic room?  There are companies that will design shelves or walls or even rotating fireplaces that reveal secret living spaces designed to withstand catastrophes.  Some companies offer bullet-resistant doors with electromagnetic locks.  Or turn your wine cellar into an emergency bunker that is outfitted with food, water and medical necessities including a private water supply.  You can even have them designed to include spas and movie theaters so you can pass the time while waiting for the apocalypse to end.  Some of the most high-end systems can sustain families for up to three generations.

Whole House Generators

Many luxury homeowners are choosing to install whole house backup generators in case of an electrical black out.  These types of generators are designed to automatically kick in should your home suddenly go off the grid.  They allow you and your family to live normally while waiting for the power to come back on.  This is a terrific solution for families with older folks who may rely on medical equipment such as nebulizers.  The type of generator you buy will be determined by what types of appliances you are trying to backup.  They can be connected to your natural gas service or to propane tanks.

Home security is an important aspect to any luxury home, so taking to time to understand what is available is crucial.  With so many advancements in the field of home security, it is easy to make sure your investment is well-protected.