Top notch houses have unique lists of conventional amenities. These lists are important because they separate musts from must-nots, and luxury from the chaff. Among these amenities we can include master suites that are large enough to accommodate 50+ people, gourmet kitchens, and indoor pools. Price is certainly not a consideration for these homeowners. Plus, there is another amenity that is a must have for individuals looking for luxury: a wine storage

California, Calabasas

Collectors and aficionados will most certainly love a wine cellar full of expensive wine bottles. A wine cellar is a must even for those who are too young or who are not into wine. It’s a trend that has to be accomplished. Take the example of Justin Bieber. The 19 year – old star owns a house in California, Calabasas that costs $6.5 million and features a wine cellar. It’s just fashionable

California, Napa Valley

It is quite impressive for those who only keep a bottle or two in the refrigerator. So, it might be interesting for them to see some of the most luxurious wine cellars in the country. In California, Napa Valley, people can see one of the most famous and beautiful wine cellars. It is situated on 4088 Atlas Peak Rd. The house is surrounded by large vineyards that cover 4.5 acres. Here, the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are grown. The home also features a huge wine cave ideal for tasting various exquisite wines

Bellevue, 17720 SE 40th Pl

Those who don’t want a real wine cellar can opt for a tasting room inside the house as seen on 17720 SE 40th Pl in Bellevue. This property features a cozy corner filled with vertical bottle racks. It also has a leather chair that’s perfect for tasting some of the best wines in the world. People can also enjoy a glass of wine on the patios overlooking Lake Washington

Miami Beach, FL

Another modern display worth considering is located in Florida, in Miami Beach, 1500 Ocean Dr #T1. This location demonstrates that wine cellars don’t have to be dark, fussy or stuffy. This property features a wine room made of glass. It is extremely cool and sleek, and complements the rest of the modern apartment. The condo comes with smart home technology, contemporary fixtures, and huge windows


A very chic barrel is situated in Telluride. The home costs $23.9 million and it features an impressive grotto that can be used as a wine cellar. The mansion is quite rustic and its large storage area can accommodate more than 2,000 bottles. The home also features stone accents and exposed wood beams

California, Los Angeles

Those who are looking for a very high storage space can choose the following home located in California, Los Angeles, on 9353 Nightingale Dr. The house is for sale for $10.9 million and comes with a vertical storage of 2 stories. This place is ideal for storing wine bottles. Getting to those bottles is very easy, thanks to the built – in stainless steel ladder. The L.A. mansion is quite new. It was built in 2011 and it’s one of the best houses on the Californian real estate market.