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Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. While you may be focusing on how to woo your loved one, if you’re thinking about selling your Laguna Beach home, you may want to concentrate on how to woo potential buyers. Here’s some of the best advice we have for making buyers fall in love with your luxury Laguna Beach home

Understand the mind of the buyer

Buyers in the luxury market aren’t looking for a house they like. They’re searching for a home they love, one that makes their heart swell with pride. Most buyers don’t make their offers based on what their brain says. Those that do are simply looking for a good deal. For most, it’s the emotional connection they feel that is often the tipping point. And those buyers who feel strongly about your home will be the ones to offer the highest price. When preparing your home to show, appeal to they buyer’s emotions

Fall out of love with your home

Wait, what? Didn’t we just say that you want to appeal to a buyer’s emotions? Yes, that’s true. But you, the seller, must detach yourself emotionally from the home you are selling. In order to accurately assess your home's pros and cons and decide on a selling price, you have to distance yourself and think analytically. Remember, for you this is a business transaction

Take excellent pictures for the listing

Competition can be fierce in the luxury Laguna Beach real estate market. Our town features some of the most exquisite homes in coastal California. In order to make your home stand out, you must have first-rate photos and videos for your online listing. When you work with an agent from The Stanaland Group, you can rest assured that we make listing photos a top priority. We work with the best professional real estate photographers to create a listing that is a feast for the senses. Check out some of our recent sales to see what we mean

Invest in impeccable staging

When you’re selling your Laguna Beach home, you’re not just selling a house. You’re selling a lifestyle. Laguna Beach is synonymous with art, culture and beautiful spaces, and your home must reflect that. When staging your home, hang original artwork (easy to find here in Laguna Beach) and pay attention to all the fine details. Use the best linens and finishes, like luxurious bedding in the bedrooms and top-of-the-line spa products displayed in the bathrooms. Do you have a music room or large entertaining space? Stage it with a baby grand piano

Emphasize outdoor space

One of the amazing perks of living in Laguna Beach is the year-round temperate climate. Outdoor living is part of everyday life here, so be sure to emphasize your outdoor living space. Does your home feature spectacular views? Rooms should be arranged to capitalize on them. Make sure fireplaces, spas and pools are sparkling and in working order. Nothing is more inviting than stepping into a home with a crackling fire and a pool that begs to dip your toes into it

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