If your home is on the market in Laguna Beach, or you are gearing up to list it, it can be helpful to know just what today’s buyers are looking for in a new home.  If you know what features are most important to potential buyers, it is much easier to tailor your showing to highlight those assets, or take pre-emptive measures to address them before a sale.  A recent survey by Realtor.com delved into just what makes potential buyers fall in love with a home, and their discoveries may surprise you.  Here’s a look at what the latest trends are, so that you can turn that courtship into an “I do.”

A “Home Crush” is a Real Thing

The survey uncovered that it is quite common for home buyers to develop a “home crush” for certain properties, finding that they keep returning to this same home again and again.  Searching for a home can be a little bit like dating: you make a checklist of those things you are looking for in a mate and see how each one stacks up to that wish list.  Many people who are buying will take the time to understand what is available in the marketplace and evaluate how each property meets their desires.  But often it is something intangible that turns a “maybe” into a “yes” – at least in terms of falling in love with a home.  And as it turns out, men and women tend to react quite differently.

Men and Women Develop a Home Crush for Different Reasons

The survey also discovered that men and women tend to fall in love with homes for different reasons.  For example, women tend to fall in love with homes that are out of their price range.  Over 40 percent of women surveyed revealed that the home they had a crush on was outside of their budget range, compared to only 30 percent of men.  In terms of home features, the ones that were most important to women included open floor plans, good curb appeal, and new appliances and fixtures.

However, men tend to vacillate more than women when it comes to home crushes, developing new crushes and abandoning the old ones.  36 percent of the men surveyed said they crush on a new home weekly, where only 29 percent of women admitted the same.  Home features that were important to men included spacious garages, good curb appeal and open floor plans.

One Thing Everyone Agrees About

While men and women may react differently to a home, there is one tangible characteristic that makes both sexes fall in love:  outdoor living spaces.  54 percent of women and 46 percent of men said that outdoor living spaces such as decks, patios and backyards make them fall in love with a home, making it the top attribute across the board.

Another interesting bit of data to emerge from the survey is that 80 percent of home buyers find their first home crush through Internet searches, with about a third of those actually visiting the home in person.

The Bottom Line

While it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time, if you are getting ready to sell your home it’s great to know what areas of your property will be most appealing to prospective buyers.  Taking the time to make these areas as attractive as possible is a great start to helping your home sell quickly.