There are numerous expensive mansions in the United States that are worth having a closer look at,  and all of them are constantly hunted by wealthy home buyers and investors

Some of the most recent listings in this sector are 2 custom-built mansions located in Montana and respectively in California. The properties belong to Don Abbey, a commercial real estate magnate. One of them is estimated at $78 million and the other one at $78.8 million. Thanks to these 2 mansions, Abbey now has the 2 most expensive listings in America

One of the homes is located on an island, on Flathead Lake in Montana and the other one is situated in a L.A. enclave. Despite the frightening price tags, these properties have drawn the attention of countless homebuyers. It has been mentioned that the owner has particularly introduced the number 8 in the price because it is a lucky number. The houses were not built with re-sale in mind. However, the properties boast of luxury and fine details that make them precious possessions

One of the mansions is called the Bradbury Estate and it’s located in Bradbury. It covers 8 acres of land and it features 10 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms. The house itself measures 30,000 square feet and it is covered in oak paneling, leather, Venetian plaster and French limestone. The residence includes an Italian marble fireplace that costs no less than $1 million. There is also an infinity pool shaped as a Celtic cross

The other residence is called Shelter Island Estate and it lies on a beautiful island in Montana. The estate measures 24 acres and its construction, designing and planning, took more than a decade to be complete. The work was hard, but the result cannot be duplicated. In fact, Hurwitz said that he has never seen an owner who was so meticulous when building a luxury estate

Abbey also bought the entire Flathead Lake Island and the mainland property. This was his staging area where he received the equipment and materials for the construction of this unique property. The home measures 24,000 square feet and it is Montana’s largest house for sale. Hurwitz also declared that building these mansions took a lot of time, effort and money, and that the results were beyond any expectations. Therefore, the price tags for these unique gems are fair and square. Moreover, he added that the actual building costs are not covered by the $3,000/sq. ft. price. These homes were built for sale, and the fact that they are now listed is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the wealthy investors and home buyers

The homes are ostentatious, but Abbey only wanted to include his love for sports, hunting and fishing into these exclusive properties. For example, the Shelter Island mansion features a unique boathouse mechanism, allowing the water craft to be automatically moored under the home. This way, no one has to go on the dock. Also, the Bradbury mansion has a huge trout pond with a system that controls the water temperature. Overall, this 2 Montana mansions are absolutely exquisite and they will certainly make perfect homes for their future owners.