1740 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 715-7777

About Mozambique

This steakhouse fuses classic American dishes with traditional African fare. It's an unexpected delight in Laguna Beach, where some of the restaurants serve up the same ol' food you're used to in any American city. While Laguna Beach isn't a foodie Mecca, Mozambique is a great place to visit when you want to try something new. It has a casual nightlife vibe. Because this is a steakhouse, the menu is stacked with beef,  but there's also plenty of chicken, seafood and even a few vegetarian dishes available.

What to Order

Mozambique is open for late lunch and dinner hours on every day except for Sunday, when they are opened for lunch. This means the majority of dishes on the menu are aimed at those eating a full meal. Many African restaurants offer food tapas-style, but at Mozambique you'll find entire meals for one person that lets you try a few different things from African cuisine.

The peri peri chicken liver is a favorite for those who want to try something outside of the box. This is a traditional African starter with many spices, so it isn't for the faint of heart. For dinner, there's sea bass, as well as a grilled platter, which includes steak, chicken and prawns. This is a great thing to order when you want a few different things off of the menu. The portions aren't huge, but you may get away with splitting the grilled platter with someone, especially if you order an appetizer and want to leave room for dessert.

Another plate that lets you try a few things is the chicken pop, pork chop and sausage platter. This savory dish is served with spicy fries, making it another great option for splitting with a friend. The pastas on the menu have a variety of ingredients, including prawns or sausage, all done with an African flair.For those who aren't sure what to try, the pasta is a safe bet that gives you a taste of the traditional cuisine without making you leave your comfort zone.

In terms of sides, the smashed potatoes are great for those who love buttery, creamy mashed potatoes. Those served at Mozambique are never clumpy and go great with the different meat dishes on the menu. For dessert, go with the brownie. It's a fairly classic brownie dusted with cinnamon for an edge.

How Much?

The prices at Mozambique start at just over $10 and go up to about $30. This is standard for upscale restaurants in the Laguna Beach area. While the prices may be high, it isn't a very fancy restaurant. You'll see lots of families and plenty of people in shorts, sun dresses and sandals. There's no strict dress code, but men probably shouldn't show up in a tank top and swim trunks. Service is friendly and efficient, making Mozambique a favorite of locals and tourists in Laguna Beach. The parking around Mozambique can be tricky, so give yourself plenty of time to park if you have a reservation with a dinner date at a certain time.