Irish Island

If you're loving Game of Thrones as much as we are, this is the perfect chance to get some lush land for yourself and pretend winter is coming. An island off the coast of Ireland is going for $970,00. It's called Inisliroo Island and it's located on Lough Erne lake. This gorgeous island is one of the cheapest in existence (at least for now), proving that the economy truly has taken a hit, around the globe. The island is currently owned by Noel Cox, a local to the area. It's been on the market only a few weeks, but so far there are no takers. Could it be because of the location?

The History of the Island

If you want the romance of the Starks or the Lannisters, this Irish island has it. One of the main selling point is it was home to an Irish clan for four generations. The original house the families lived in is still standing, making it a piece of history. Cox obtained the island from the family (aptly named the Maguires) and has owned the land for several years. There's no distinct reason why the family chose to sell the property after inhabiting the land for so many generations. The land has orchards that were very profitable for the family after World War II. These orchards are still in tact and product fruit today

What About the Basics?

Because the land has a rich history, so do the amenities. There aren't many and the brochure for the property says the house has a phone line and startomatic electric generator. This is the sole source for electricity as of publishing. There's no word on whether this is an automatic generator or one that has to be hand-cranked, but either way, don't expect your iPad to work once you're on the island

While the idea of buying an island may seem luxurious and like a ticket to the sweet life, there are often many electricity and plumbing problems to deal with once you've signed the check. Most of us aren't in the market to buy an island, but this does offer an inside look at what the wealthy deal with when taking on a serious purchase like an island

Closer to Home

Let's say you do want to buy an island, but you want to be closer to home. Well, there's an island in Maryland going for a mere $890,000. It's called Brewer's Island and it's said to have been a refuge for slaves escaping from the South.  We are happy to report that the place is wifi capable. Forget the history - we just want our Internet!