Pathway Plan Connect Laguna Beach Neighborhoods

In Laguna Beach, construction professionals and city officials will continue to work together build a pathway that will connect the Top of the World and Arch Beach Heights communities

Recently, the City Council voted in favor of continuing talks with residents who live along Sommet du Monde, a private street. The council wants to secure a new easement between Alta Laguna Boulevard and fire road leading to Arch Beach Heights. This new development would be wider and less steep than the existing easement, which is only 10 feet

The new pathway could make big improvements in terms of getting residents out of their automobiles, which will significantly reduce traffic from Top of the World Elementary School and opening up a separate evacuation route if there is an emergency. The city council voted 3-0 to proceed with the negotiations to construct the new easement; staff are required to report back to the council within six months regarding the progress of the project

The path will run along the property line of the backyard of Julian Tafreshi’s home, who lives on Sommet du Monde. Tafreshi also suggested that a block wall be built, separating his home from the path, as the path will be open to the public. Julian’s neighbor also has safety concerns about the pathway being constructed on terrain that has varying levels. Both residents are concerned about the increase of noise (hikers and those who walk for exercise will be able to use the path) and lack of privacy that will come as a result of the pathway, but have not opposed the project

Still, other residents state that the path will serve as a benefit, as people in the area wouldn’t have a need for parking. A resident in the Top of the World neighborhood who originally presented the proposal for a path to the council, stated that her sons used the trail in the ‘70s and ‘80s to walk to friends’ homes who lived in Arch Beach Heights. She asserts that she and her family have been walking the trail for decades, and she’d love to see the path completed. The council reinforces that its goal is to open up the path to the residents in both the Top of the World and Arch Beach Heights neighborhoods

Just as the new trail will offer an evacuation route for Top of the World Elementary School, it will also provide residents with a safe and efficient way to leave the community if there is a disaster. At present, there are only two streets that connect Top of the World to the Pacific Coast Highway and the rest of Laguna Beach


Thanks to the O.C. Register for information and the original news story