Listen to marimba by Laguna HomesMusic lovers living in Laguna homes won’t want to miss the next concert in the Laguna Beach Live! series held at the Laguna Art Museum.  On Thursday, November 14th, head to the museum at 7 p.m. for an hour-long concert by The Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble.  The ensemble is made up of five marimba players:  Joe, Beribak, Edward Hong, Kevin Schlossman, Derek Tywoniuk, and Ivan Wan.  They create an intense and evocative musical atmosphere by weaving together rhythm, pitch, and timbre into a rich musical tapestry

Be sure to invite your friends living in Laguna homes about this event.  It’s fairly rare to hear such a talented group of musicians play the marimba so skillfully.  Smoke & Mirrors plays the works of percussion masters, like John Cage, Lou Harrison, and Steve Reich.  They showcase the work of young, up and coming composers, too.  Smoke & Mirrors is also dedicated to musical education.  They partner with the Da Camera Society to perform in schools in the Los Angeles area

This is a great treat for people living in Laguna homes to relax in the beautiful galleries of the Laguna Art Museum and listen to the innovative musicians of The Smoke & Mirrors Percussion Ensemble.  Admission is free, but reservations are required.  If you live in Laguna and want to go to the concert, click here to learn how to reserve your seat.