Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the Unites States who passed away in 2004, left something spectacular behind. Apart from his political strategies, he left a superb mansion which he used to share with Jane Wyman. They lived together for a long time, before the divorce of the happy couple. The residence is located on Hollywood Hills and it offers superb views over Beverly Hills and West Hollywood

Currently, the couple’s former home is on the Los Angeles real estate market for sale and it is valued at $10 million. It appears that somebody thought it would be the best time to purchase the former residence of the U. S Commander in Chief No. 40. The propriety price however, dropped with 2 million and sooner or later it will be sold considering it’s such a beautiful mansion to live in

What is more, the house spreads on seventy acres and it features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and countless luxurious amenities that raise its price high. The fabulous estate includes a tennis court, an enormous pool, a chic, Balinese pool house and a 340 degree view over Los Angeles. The whole city can be seen from the private knoll situates behind the propriety’s gates. Also, it has a complete library, a media room, a wine cellar and an indoor-outdoor spa. In other words, it highlights almost everything one could desire

Jane Wyman, the former wife of Reagan, died in 2007 at the age of 93. Throughout her acting career, she managed to perform in numerous movies and continues to live her dream as an actress even after the divorce. After the separation, the actress was quoted by the Associated Press obituary, speaking about the role played by politics in the dissolution of their marriage. She said that politics managed to build a barrier between her and Reagan, and that she tried to make things work but had no success. She always respected Ronald’s success, especially when he became a governor and later president of the United States. In 1968 she declared in an interview that the divorce didn’t happen because of their political disagreements not because of their contradictory discussions. She ended the conversation saying that it is rude to talk dirt about your former husband or wife and that she doesn’t know anything about politics

The entire subject was of great interest to the public because Ronald Reagan was the only American president so far who got divorced; thus, Wyman was the only ex-wife of a president. Reagan died in 2004 at the age of 93. He suffered from Alzheimer. His beautiful mansion that’s on the market is worth investing $10 million because it is also a historic residence, an excellent house for those who want to enjoy luxury at its highest potential.