Make Pottery for Laguna Beach homesSo many artists live in Laguna Beach homes!  Over 200 of them will be exhibiting their work at the summer 2013 Sawdust Festival.  Opening day was Friday, June 28th and the Sawdust Festival will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. until September 1st

You can browse the artists' stalls and talk with the artists about their work.  Artists working in almost every medium will be there.  Enjoy painting, sculpture, photography, glass art, ceramics, and much more.  Local art is found in Laguna Beach homes, often purchased at the Sawdust Festival.  Many craftspeople will display their work as well.  You may find a perfect piece of jewelry for a gift or to round out your collection.  Textile artisans will be there, too, with lovely decorative work and clothing

The Sawdust Festival is dedicated to bringing art into Laguna Beach homes and the lives of people who live in Laguna Beach.  Classes are offered every day of the festival.  At the Ceramic Center, you can throw and decorate a pot for free.  For a small charge, an artist will glaze and fire it for you to pick up.  You can also pay to have it shipped to your home.  Children can make art projects free of charge at the Children's Art Spot.  At Studio One, anyone from age six up can paint, do printmaking, create collages and work in other media.  See the full schedule of festival art classes

If you get a little tired from walking around at the Sawdust Festival, you can sample some of the great food offered.  Sandwiches, coffee and pastries, tacos, Greek food, and fun snacks are all available for purchase.  Adults can partake of drinks at the Sawdust Saloon.  Every Saturday there's a fun theme.  See the special events schedule so you can participate!

Be sure to set aside a day or two to explore this great festival near Laguna Beach homes!  Visit the Sawdust Festival website for more details and to purchase tickets.