Real estate agents and experts are of the opinion that no single strategy and technique exists that applies to how all homes can be sold; this is due to the diversity and uniqueness of different residential areas. The real estate market is highly competitive and diverse but with the right pointers and guidance from an expert, selling your home can be turned into a simple task

What Today’s Buyer is Looking for when Buying Homes

Real estate experts have observed that, unlike in previous years where home buyers would get finances to buy a home from lending agencies or wait for money obtained from sale of their existing homes; a majority of home buyers prefer to pay cash for their home purchases. Research studies carried out in March also showed that almost a third of all sales made that month were settled in cash

This means that today’s market prefers instant cash and settling their own finances. These potential home owner’s actually prefer a situation where they can purchase the house today and move in the next day! This implies that the current market prefers fast and instant sales

So, what should one do in order to ensure they sell their house fast and at a reasonable rate? Listed below are a few pointers;

  • Curb Appeal- What potential home owners notice first and foremost is how the home looks like from the outside. They usually assume that ‘if it looks great on the outside, it’s great on the inside’, this means that in order to sale one’s home; a home seller should make their curb more appealing and eye catching.

  • Well Maintained Systems-If one’s home has well maintained and fully functional equipment such as plumbing, heating etc, potential home buyers are sure to be enticed by this. If the home about to be sold has a few mechanical problems, it is advisable to have all the mechanical problems rectified and in mint condition before putting the property up for sale.

  • Deal with prequalified buyers- It is quite discouraging when a potential home buyer is ultimately unable to raise funds in order to pay for purchase of the house they had agreed to buy. This means that the home seller has wasted time and lost money on an otherwise avoidable situation. By dealing with buyers that have pre-qualification letters, chances and incidences of such situations are greatly reduced hence saving the home seller a lot of time and resources.

  • Proper listing and negotiation of property- This part of selling a home is usually best left to experts. These experts’ advice home owners on how to best market and price their property based on factors such as location, price, condition, and financing.

Even though selling a home can be a daunting task, following these simple instructions can go a long way in making the experience more tolerable. What most home owners are advised to remember is to always seek the help of experts who will guide them on what they should and shouldn’t do