Probably most famous for it's bohemian artistic vibe and it's beautiful sunsets, Laguna Beach has always been one of the hot spots for real estate in Southern California. Perhaps the two have always been and will always be completely entwined, the natural beauty fueling the artists to be creative and preserve the world around them.

Regardless where you are in Laguna, chances are if you are around at the right time of day you will bear witness to a most spectacular sunset.

A Sunset View

Because of it's variety of landscapes and terrain, Laguna makes for some interesting real estate. Shopping for a home in this city can be difficult because there are so many options to choose from. To help narrow down the field a little potential home owners should do their shopping at sunset.

Using The Sunset To Your Advantage

With sunsets this pretty, anyone planning to live in the area will want to be sure they are going to enjoy them on a daily basis. Plus doing your home shopping during evening hours can provide several benefits beyond just a pretty view.

  • Cooler weather during the summer months

  • Seeing the neighborhood after working hours

  • Checking out nighttime visibility of your potential home from the street

  • A better chance to meet some of the neighbors

A Lovely Place In The Evening

It's true Laguna Beach is loved for it's arts and it's beaches, but this area is also a great place to enjoy the evening. Mild year round temperatures and a fabulous selection of local dining and entertainment make this area every bit as enjoyable in the evening as it is during the day.

During the summer months there are several yearly art festivals to enjoy and the first thursday of every month is 'Art Walk Thursday' during which the local art galleries extend their hours and serve appetizers and wine to their patrons.

The Best Time To Shop

Clearly the evening is a favorite of Laguna Beach locals, which makes shopping for your real estate during the evening hours a very local activity indeed. This tactic is helpful to potential homeowners on a number of different levels, and chances are your realtor will welcome the opportunity to check out the sunset view from their available locations.

Be sure to check the outside living space as well as the view from inside. One of the main benefits of living in Southern California is the ability to spend so much time outside. Just because you can't see the sunset from your living room, doesn't mean you don't have the best view in town.