The Pageant of the Masters is the Festival of Arts' most famous attraction and also one of the most lauded and fun annual attractions hosted near your Laguna Beach home, from July 7th through August 31st 2012. It's a theatrical event of phenomenal proportions that is celebrating its 80th birthday this year with the performance themed, The Genius, live in Laguna Beach. Right now you can benefit from a sweetheart of a deal on pageant tickets; normally priced at $35, for a limited time tickets for this acclaimed event are offered at $14 each, only until Valentine's Day. Now that's a steal of a deal that could steal the heart of your art-loving Valentine!

From the works of the Italian Renaissance to modern masterpieces, The Genius will fill the Irvine Bowl with amazing live recreations of unforgettable classical and contemporary artworks, including a finale of Leonardo de Vinci's The Last Supper. The stage will be intricately set and sophisticatedly lighted as real people - volunteers from your Laguna Beach community - pose to look exactly like the human subjects in original pieces of artwork. The performance takes place within an the Irvine Bowl outdoor amphitheater, accompanied by a professional orchestra playing an original score and live narration. For more information, click here.