The idea of home automation is becoming very popular among people nowadays. With changing technology, home automation is also constantly evolving. Just like other technologies, home automation is also becoming easier to use, less expensive and is improving dramatically with every passing year. It will be a complete loss at your end if at least 3 of the latest new trends are not mentioned. It is the future that you can avail from today

1. Falling prices

Many of the biggest brands across the worlds such as Singer, Élan CTO, Bob Farinelli, have suggested that evolution of technology is affordability. No longer can technology be seen as a luxury and everyone has a right to it, so today all the major companies are working towards affordability with the constantly changing technology. There have been enough demands and people around the world are generally being educated about automation so now the companies are aiming to cater to the mass market by reducing the process complications and giving efficient gadgets. The affordable system cost is comparatively lesser than the high-tech systems but they offer several of the same features, although on a small scale. Pairing down processing power is one way to go, but companies are cutting costs heavily. The new and improved systems today are quicker and easier for the custom integrators to program and install, therefore the customers won’t have to pay excessively for labor as they used to in the past

2. Hotels that are High-tech

Homes are not the only place adopting automation, the evolution of technology has taken over all sorts of businesses everywhere. Hotels therefore are not far behind in this race. They are now getting automation not only for the conference rooms but they have started to incorporate automation in their guest room facilities as well. You might not even know that the room you use is capable of performing so many smart functions on its own

Once your stay is over and you check out of your room, that is when the system sweeps through the rooms turning off all the lights, closing drapes and setting the thermostat back to standard temperature. You actually might notice the soft music as you enter your designated room, the turning on of light and the perfect thermostat setting to your preference. Furthermore, you will get a taste of technology that makes you think the hotel is more tech savvy than you are. With just OneTouch on the remote provided by the hotel you may control the lights/audio, drapes and fireplace

3. Androids Add Mobility

Gone are the days when people used Symbian phones and windows phone. Today androids rule the face of the globe and mesmerize the users with their applications and technological features. Homeowners are now suggested to use their high-tech devices such as iPhone, iPad to run their own home automation devices efficiently

The big company, Savant and other major manufacturing companies already offer iPad and iPhone app to control home systems. The app is currently being tested and checked by many manufacturers that will allow the consumers to use their Dell Streaks, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and many other mobiles that are Android-enabled to control the electronic systems of their homes. This is not only a sign of technology taking its toll on daily life but also contributing in making daily life easy