This Saturday, April 7th, you and your family can enjoy a walk to Pelican Point to view the tide pools! Bring some friends who live in Laguna Beach to enjoy a guided tide pool walk near your Laguna Beach home. Simply show up at Crystal Cove State Park, located at 8471 North Coast Highway, at parking lot #2 near the boardwalk, to meet up with a volunteer who will help you identify sea life and adaptations made by these incredible animals. The tour begins at 3 p.m. and would be a fantastic way to conclude a spring picnic. State Park lot parking for the day is $15, but the tour is free. Please call 949.497.7647 to receive more information

Please remember to take care when visiting Laguna Beach area tide pools so as not to upset the fragile eco-system developed there. If you'd like to venture on your own instead of with a tour guide, visit Bird Rock at the Heisler Park Reserve, just north from Main Beach. Here you may see sea hares or even sea cucumbers. Moss Point, RockPile and Picnic Beach are also great choices at Heisler Park Reserve, too. To learn more about local tides, laws, and tide pools, click here