Tips For Conserving Water In Your Laguna Beach Home

It’s no secret that we are experiencing a severe drought here in Southern California. As a result, conscientious homeowners are learning to scale back their water usage in an effort to conserve this precious resource. But dialing back doesn’t have to mean sacrificing aesthetics or even luxury. Think it’s not possible? Then have a look at some of these incredible innovations in water conversation that can be implemented in and around your Laguna Beach home.

Water Recycling Shower

A shower that recycles used water? You bet. While you may be skeptical about reusing your shower water, a Swedish firm called Orbital has devised a shower that filters water on a closed-loop system and delivers it back to you cleaner than the tap water it started with. This system does not skimp on luxury, either. In fact, since the water is reused it can pump out up to 24 liters per minute – significantly higher than a typical low-flow shower. The company estimates this design uses 90% less water and 80% less energy than traditional models, since the water retains most of its heat during the recycling process. And its sleek design makes it perfect for homeowners who care about aesthetics.

Foot and Knee Pedal Faucets

Gone are the days when you actually have to use your hands to turn on the faucet. Now, many companies offer foot or knee pedals that can be installed on existing faucets. Running water from a faucet can waste up to three gallons per minute, but foot pedals allow you to turn on the water only when you need it. Not only does this help conserve this dwindling commodity, but it also helps limit the spread of germs.


It may seem counterintuitive, but a waterbroom is an excellent way to clean outdoor surfaces with significantly less water. Waterbrooms attach to the end of a hose and look like a push broom, but use a combination of air and water to clean. If you need to clean your driveway, patio, sidewalks or other concrete surface, a waterbroom will get the job done using much less water than a hose or pressure washer.

Water Permeable Concrete

Water permeable concrete (also called pervious concrete or porous concrete) is a special type of concrete that allows water to seep through it. This significantly reduces the amount of runoff that occurs during watering or storms and replenishes the groundwater underneath. Permeable concrete is a sensible choice for driveways and sidewalks, and can even be used in pavers for patio and garden walkways. The water that is allowed to pass through the material helps to keep plants hydrated and results in less water ending up in storm sewers. These surfaces can even help to reduce heat buildup during our hot, dry summers.

More Information About Laguna Beach Homes for Sale

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