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Treasure Island Park is indeed like a true hidden treasure. For many years before, it was a stretch of private beach that belonged to a mobile-home community. It was only accessible back then to scuba divers and those who were brave enough to climb around the rocks to get to the coves. When the Montage Resort and Spa was built in the year 2000, the oceanfront land became public. The beautiful movie-like beach was opened to everyone. The cliffs around the area were converted to a linear public park that is located between the Montage resort and the ocean. Today, the park and the beach are easily accessible

The Treasure Island Park is considered as the one of the most beautiful gems in Orange County. It is exquisitely landscaped with the prettiest native plants of California, including long purple plume and the “birds of paradise”

At this park, there is something for everyone, young and old alike. For the parents, they will definitely love the constant beauty along the park’s paths, from the ocean views to the lovable plants, even to the Arts & Crafts architecture of The Montage. On the other hand, the kids will enjoy running through the wide grassy space, pummeling down the wooden staircase and exploring the tide pools. Moreover, this is considered an awesome destination for teens as well. They can bring picnic foods, play Frisbee, or perhaps take in the romantic feel of the park

What to Expect

There are many lookout benches among the flowers, public artworks, and a wooden balcony that may seem to hover over the cliff’s edge. At the end of the park path, there is a big circular area with more or less 10 concrete picnic tables. This is where most people enjoy small picnics and play a game of catch. Even during the sunset, many people spend time here


There is an underground parking garage located at the southern end of The Montage. This is a pay-to-park parking area.  It is set aside especially for Treasure Island Park. It often fills fast and quite difficult to maneuver for big cars. But on weekend, there is a free preschool parking lot on the east of Wesley. Along the South Coast Highway, there is also a metered parking available

What to Bring

Of course, it is best to bring some coins for the parking meters, in case you may need to park on Coast Highway. Bring water bottles and sunscreen too. There are only few snack stands here, so be sure to bring snacks for the whole gang

Park Details

  • Location: Laguna Beach

  • Hours of Operation: From dawn to dusk

  • Cost: Free

  • Suitable for both children and adults

If you would like to enjoy a nice and quiet afternoon, better go here during Spring and Fall. But the area is indeed beautiful during the summer, expect more crowd.