Eco-Friendly Laguna Home

We’re heading into the hottest part of the year here in Orange County. During these warm summer days and nights it’s tempting to crank up the AC and seek refuge inside from the rising temperatures. Our lawns also require more water to stay green, which can be a losing game considering our current drought conditions. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading features of your home to be more eco-friendly, now could not be a better time. Here are some ideas that will help your home save both energy and water.

Give Your Home a Central Brain

Consider installing a central environmental management system to control all aspects of your home including lighting and temperature. Not only do these systems give you the ultimate control over your surroundings, they can also save you big money on your utility bills – as much as 20 to 40 percent. The system gives you the ability to customize every area of your home from an interactive touchpad. These sophisticated systems track sunrise and sunset and can dim lights based on available sunlight and change the internal temperature of the home. Going away on vacation? No problem. The system can shut down lights and adjust temperatures, which can be controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet computer.

Let Your Solar Panels Talk to the Grid

Many Laguna homeowners have begun installing solar panels in order to produce energy. While some homeowners prefer to rely on battery reserves for solar power, there is now a way to tie your panels directly to the local power grid through a power inverter. These inverters convert the direct current generated from the panels into the alternate current that your house needs. In fact during times of need, some municipalities even buy excess energy that the solar panels create. Solar power systems with grid-tied inverters can be installed professionally and are a great energy-saving upgrade for luxury homes.

Make Your Yard Less Thirsty

Recent mandatory water restrictions in California mean that your green lawn might not get all the water it needs to stay looking healthy. Why not remove that water-hungry grass and replace it with California friendly drought tolerant plant species? The Municipal Water District of Orange County offers financial incentives of $2 or more per square foot to homeowners who remove their grass and replace it with drought resistant varieties. With our state experiencing record drought conditions, finding ways to conserve our precious water supply has become a priority. There are many professional landscaping companies who specialize in drought resistant designs, and they can be quite stunning while being much less taxing on our water supplies.

More and more homeowners are beginning to look for ways to make their homes friendlier to the environment. Potential homeowners also rank energy efficiency and so-called “green homes” as a high priority. Why not consider one – or all – of the above suggestions to turn your luxury Laguna home into an eco-friendly oasis. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!