As another sign that real estate is heating up again across the West Coast real estate market, Seattle is turning positive this year. Entry-level homes in the Seattle area are selling rapidly, and there’s even been a boost in the metro’s luxury housing market, according to Inman News

During the session, Inman News inquired about the property types that are selling quickest in Seattle. Brokers confirmed that entry-level investor properties are currently faring best. There has been a general sales increase on all Seattle real estate, and that the homes that are doing the best in terms of sales are located in the Greenlake, Fremont, Ravenna, Ballard, Capitol Hill and Queen Anne areas. Homes in the $1 million and up price ranges are selling the slowest.  Some suburban condos, homes that pose a long commute for those who work in the Seattle metropolitan area, and homes that haven’t been properly repaired are selling slowly

Buyers from all price points are taking a chance in the real estate market these days. There is also significant activity from first-time buyers, those who have been rented for a few years and are ready to buy, and those who have recently moved to the Seattle area.  Individuals and families who are buying a home for the first time are making multiple offers on properties—the offers are usually under $500,000

Since distressed properties are attractive to buyers who want to purchase a “fixer-upper,” there is a decrease of distressed homes on the market, especially outside of the Seattle metro. There aren’t many distressed homes in the actual city of Seattle, as most buyers will purchase these homes before they are foreclosed

When asked about their concerns regarding the current state of the Seattle real estate market, real estate professionals say there are enough listings for the increase of new home buyers. They also stated mortgage interest rates are increasing, which could slow sales down. Seattle real estate brokers continue to be optimistic about the Seattle real estate market, asserting that there are many multiple offer situations on homes, and that many homes are reasonably priced. Construction in Seattle has also increased, as several condo communities have been added to the area since 2008. Amazon is building new commercial properties in downtown Seattle, which will result in jobs for new residents and make homes more affordable for those moving to the city