Where the Millionaires Are

While Occupy Wall Street protesters consider themselves the 99 percent, the truth is that in the United States, with its population of 311.6 million, 4.3 percent are millionaire households, making the protesters the 95.7 percent. Of that 4.3 percent, nearly three thousand households are worth $100 million and above, and 363 households have net worth’s above a billion dollars. Among some other nations, however, 4.3 percent is small potatoes

The Highest Percentage of Millionaires

The island country of Singapore, boasts 17.1 percent of its five million population brings in more than a million dollars. According to business strategy consultants, Boston Consulting Group, one in every thousand millionaire-households in Singapore is worth $100 million. As a major financial center in the Pacific, millionaires find it a perfect place to call home. At the time of its IPO, Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, renounced his U.S. citizenship to become a citizen of Singapore, presumably because of its favorable tax policies

Oil-Rich Millionaires

Several other countries’ populations are dense with millionaires as well. These include the Arab nation of Qatar. Among its 1.76 million citizens are more than 250,000 millionaires. Neighbor Kuwait has six millionaires in every 100,000 of its 2.74 million people. These two countries have a higher percentage of wealthy households than the other Arab Nations do. Five percent of the United Arab Emirates’ 7.5 million population are millionaires even though Dubai’s financial picture suffered during the recession. Bahrain, with 3.2 percent, is in tenth place. Oman, diversifying on its oil-heavy economy, boasts 2.5 percent of its 2.78 million citizens in the millionaire category

Europe’s Ultra-Rich

In another banking haven, Switzerland has more citizens in the ultra-wealthy category above $100 million per capita than elsewhere in the world. Of its 7.8 million population, just under one-tenth (9.5 percent) are millionaires. Also making the cut are Belgium—with four households in every 100,000 worth $100 million and up; The Netherlands—152 households among its16.6 million citizens (2.1 percent) are members of the millionaires club; and, Ireland at 2.2 percent of its 4.48 million population making the cut

The Most Billionaires

Growing in popularity as a desirable home for the wealthy, Hong Kong has more billionaires than elsewhere in the world. Of its seven million citizens, 8.8 percent are millionaires and above

Elsewhere in Asia the percentage of wealthy inhabitants is nearer to the U.S. Japan at 2.9 percent for its 127.5 million is somewhat lower than in years past owing to remnants of the tsunami. Taiwan, with its 3.2 percent millionaires, has the eighth most per capita millionaires of any nation, with fifty for every one million of its 3.2 million citizens worth $100 million or more

High Tech Millionaires

As a leader in advancing new technology, Israel has only slightly few millionaires per capita as the United States. There are 83,000, or 3.6 percent of Israeli households, with millionaire status.