Write Near Your Laguna Beach homeDo you ever sit in your Laguna Beach home, reading a wonderful memoir or personal essay?  These writing styles can be powerful and inspiring. Perhaps a really exceptional book has even inspired you to attempt to tell your story. Getting going on the process can be a bit overwhelming

Kathryn Jo Abajian will be leading her “Heart of Memoir Writing Workshops” near your Laguna Beach home September 27th through 29th.  This workshop is geared for both professional writers and those who are just starting.  The workshop will be held at Arabella Laguna Guest Cottages, 506 North Coast Highway.  Accommodations are available.  If you live in Laguna Beach you can save on the tuition and drive in everyday.  To get an idea of Kathryn’s writing style and how she mentors her students, click here

The weekend workshop is an intimate group, with only ten students.  It’s meant to give students a weekend of inspiration and nurturing so they can go back, either to a Laguna Beach home or further away, and make progress on their memoirs.  Very often students make other writing friends over the course of the workshop.  They are able to help and support each other and their work for years to come.  Click here and scroll down for enrollment information.  Imagine a weekend of writing inspiration near your Laguna Beach home.