Writing is a skill that enriches the soul, cleanses the mind, fosters healthy mental acuteness and enhances one's resume. The younger a person begins to write, the better, and that is why SEEDS Arts and Education, Inc. is offering a workshop class for pre-teens and teens near your Laguna Beach home. That's right - youth will be guided to write creatively in an environment that fosters their own creativity and provides an outlet for the flood of new emotions that often arrive along with the precarious onset of adolescence. If you live in Laguna Beach and know a young person or have a child around the age of 12-16, you'll want to encourage their participation in this workshop happening this Saturday, March 24th

The course will begin at 10am and will include a guest speaker, time to write (alone and in groups) and a discussion of writing skills. The instructor, Steven Bramucci, is an experienced Anneliese teacher and professional writer who is currently working towards his Masters degree in Fine Arts in writing for children and young adults. Participants will greatly enjoy and benefit from the enriching atmosphere among their peers and excellent, artful instruction while honing a talent that will grow exponentially after this experience and pay back in dividends. Truly, there is no better time to explore the world of writing than in adolescence. A $25 donation is suggested but not required. This course will take place at Anneliese Schools' Willowbrook Campus on 20062 Laguna Canyon Road from 10am to 12:30pm on Saturday, March 24th.  For more information and to register, click here